Remembering the Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines


From 1933 to 1976, the Wildwood-Cape May, New Jersey area and the entire southern New Jersey region was serviced by the Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines.  Our local model train store, Holly Beach Train Depot in Wildwood, has remembered the PRSL by creating a line of limited-production MTH O-scale freight cars which feature a combination of PRSL logos and local markings.

The store’s 20th anniversary commemorative boxcar in 2014 (photo, right) was the first of the series, which now includes a gondola (below left), a tank car (below right), and several others on subsequent pages.

The maroon box car has markings for “Holly Beach Station, Wildwood”, and the gondola and tank car respectively reference the “Cold Spring Yard, Wildwood, N.J.” and “Ottens Harbor Fuel Co.,  Wildwood N.J.”    

Photo of an O Gauge PRSL Gondola carrying scrap iron
O Gauge MTH PRSL Tank Car marked for the fictional "Ottens Harbor Fuel Co. Wildwood, NJ"
Photo of a Pennsylvania Reading Seashore Line (PRSL) emblem