VIDEO – 1 min:19 sec

VIDEO – 1 min:11 sec

A view of the layout buildings with a passenger train in the foreground.
Layout photo from overhead looking down on a section of the town
Layout photo of a small Woodland Scenics Frieght Depot lighted at night.

Our first attempt at building a 1:48 scale Chain Link fence using the kit from Brennan’s Model Railroading.  Turned out great!

We installed M.T.H. Crossing Gates #30-11012 on a curved section of track on the upper level. The gates are wired to a track block and powered by the 10v port on the MTH Z-4000. Track power is not used.

Photo of an electrical relay that operates an O scale crossing gate on the layout

The track block insulated rail is wired through a DPDT relay supplied by Train Electrics LLC. The relay is made just for this application and works great.  Very easy to wire, and comes complete with the base for about $25. The base is hot-glued to the platform under the upper level and will be in a hidden semi-concealed area.

Layout photo of a model city hall and firehouse building

Most of our buildings are MTH RailKing.  We couldn’t find a firehouse that we liked, so we kitbashed the MTH Water Supply Building into a temporary City Hall and Firehouse.

Layout photo of commercial buildings in the downtown area.
Layout photo showing the freight yard, with locomotives and freight cars in the sidings